Business Activities

CG Production

Based on cutting edge technology, state-of-the-art equipment, and an excellent track record, experienced professionals provide top quality video images ranging from composite photographic images to high-end full 3D CG animations. Particularly in CG production for TV commercials, games, game machine images and so on, we receive favor from various clients for realizing high cost performance methods of expression.
TV commercials, games, game machine images, movies, amusements, exhibition images, PV, VP, etc.
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Web Production

Based on comprehensive activities ranging from planning, production and operation of Websites to Web marketing, we propose optimum solutions suited to customers’ needs. Being a video production company with numerous experiences of supplying to well-known listed corporations, one of our strengths is that we can provide one-stop Website contents that utilize real video images and CG.

Planning, information design, UI design, building of design systems, production (PC, mobile, iPhone, Android smartphone), moving image production, updating and operation on behalf of clients, marketing support (SEO, SEM), consulting, support for utilization of social networking services (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

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Archive Production

In this service, we use our unique archive engine to integrate images, moving pictures, documents, etc. and operate archives between multiple bases. We provide network solutions that enable images, moving pictures and other assets owned by customers to be managed, shared and operated as digital contents.

3 elements to ensure that the value of digital assets is fully maximized

  • Unified management of assets and information
    Centralization of troublesome management on a Web database

  • Sharing of assets
    Assets registered to the archive center can be searched and perused as soon as they are uploaded.

  • Total support of operation
    Your image and moving picture assets are converted to high-definition digital data at the IMAGE inputting center.