Message from the CEO

IMAGE Co., Ltd. provides solutions and proposals that not only satisfy customers but also “lead customers towards success.”

IMAGE Co., Ltd. was launched as a supporter for the cross-industrial exchange project that produced the 1990 NHK TV program “NHK Special Einstein Romance.” After completing this project, which entailed visualizing Einstein’s equations, over roughly one year, the company started producing CG contents in 1991.

CEO & President Shuichi Tayama

The company has since widened its range of production from CG to commercials, TV programs, exhibitions, movies, games, and amusements, and our outputs receive excellent reviews from customers thanks to the basic stance of employees that is based on our founder’s ideal that “We are professionals, and the work of professionals must always pursue top quality.”

CG production remains our core business, however, we have widened our activities to include production of websites and digital archives and development of internet tools and applications through utilizing digital technologies.

In recent years, we have constructed the “Global Produce” production setup in cooperation with Asian hubs centering on our production company in Dairen, China (Dairen IMAGE). Global Produce is a production method that entails dividing production project outputs into parts, producing these based on the right people for the right jobs in line with cost performance in each country, and then conducting assembly and final processing in Japan. This allows us to reduce costs while maintaining quality. This approach is currently effective when applied to long-term projects, however, we intend to refine the system so that it can also be applied to medium-term and short-term projects in the future.

I would like to close by reiterating our company-wide commitment to meeting the diverse requirements of our customers and asking for your continued patronage.

CEO & President Shuichi Tayama

CEO & President
Shuichi Tayama